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REVIEW: Review Plays on Ubu The Sh*t

Ubu The Sh*t involves clowns, sexually explicit humor, acrobatic moves, comedy, profanity, and audience participation. The basic story involves betrayal, murder and revenge, but what really makes this production unique is the way in which it is presented. Every character has a unique personality and is dressed in colorful royal garb. There is dancing and singing that is very entertaining. The energy, the acrobatics and humor in this show is reminiscent of the circus.

This production is for mature audiences, and may not appeal to all audiences, but I think it is worth seeing. I found the dialogue and sexual acts on stage to be both shocking and hilarious. The audience is encouraged to tweet information via Twitter which is used in the show. Also, ad libs really worked well with audience participation making this a very exciting theatrical experience.

- Elizabeth Lopez
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