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REVIEW: Neon Tommy on Ubu The Sh*t

The recent collaboration between the CSU Long Beach Theatre Arts Department and Four Clowns, “Ubu the Sh*t,” by Alfred Jerry and adapted and directed by Jeremy Aluma, truly earns its subtitle, “Macbeth on Meth.” The show is nightmarish, disturbing, offensive, and most of all, outrageously funny. Loosely following the plot of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth,” “Ubu the …
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REVIEW: Review Plays on Ubu The Sh*t

Ubu The Sh*t involves clowns, sexually explicit humor, acrobatic moves, comedy, profanity, and audience participation. The basic story involves betrayal, murder and revenge, but what really makes this production unique is the way in which it is presented. Every character has a unique personality and is dressed in colorful royal garb. There is dancing and …
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REVIEW: Daily 49er on Ubu The Sh*t

It is not often that Darth Vader, Jesus Christ and black-lit orgies share the same Friday was opening night for Cal State University Long Beach alumnus Jeremy Alumna’s play, “Ubu the Sh*t.” It was a highly energized hyperbolization of pop culture that loosely followed the plotline of “Macbeth.” The play’s references range from featured appearances …
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REVIEW: Random Lengths on Noah & Jonah

Can anything be better than a relaxing afternoon at the beach? How about a relaxing afternoon at the beach and an intriguing and original play, thrown in for free? That’s what Four Clowns, the very successful LA-based acting company, is offering through at the Annenberg Beach House in Santa Monica. The Annenberg Beach House is …
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