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22 CRITICS on Lunatics

Lunatics & Actors by David Bridel
directed by Jeremy Aluma
April 29 - May 28, 2016

"Under Jeremy Aluma’s finely tuned direction, however, the play soon darkens and deepens" - LA Times

“"funny, unpredictable, and menacing ... evocative ... a powerful exploration of its essential themes.” - Stage Raw TOP TEN & RECOMMENDED

"Four Clowns has won an enviable reputation for taking the skills of clowning and building new kinds of storytelling from the oldest of theatricks. Lunatics and Actors extends this work with a lively amusement that entertains the mind as well." - Theatre Ghost

"Dead-pan, total commitment on the part of inmates Bon-Bon (Tyler Bremer), Pepe (Andrew Aldredge) and Fifi (Alexis Jones) makes this strange mix of improvisation, clown characterizations and macabre instruments of torture a la 1800 completely compelling..." - Stage Happenings

“Lunatics & Actors, under the astute direction of Jeremy Aluma, is innovative theatre at its very best, entertaining and thought provoking.” - Theatre Notes

“70 minutes of enthralling wit and engaging artistry” - Broadway World

“They want to make dangerous art, and with this latest production, Bridel & Aluma’s latest over a ten-year collaboration and the last before both take new posts, they succeed.” - Colorado Boulevard

“A titillating story cleverly directed with unforgettable performances. Do not miss this one.” - Discover Hollywood

"a dark comedy that pushes the definition of actor to extremes that only clowns in Aluma’s pack could seemingly pull off." - Signal Tribune

“Aluma has performed a yeoman's job in allowing his actors creative movements and keeping their brand of insanity to a quiet roar.” - Edge Media Network

"...a wry and deceptive horror comedy that sucks you in almost as soon as it starts. Think of a streamlined version of Marat Sade performed on Nitrous Oxide ..." - Los Angeles Beat Magazine

"Dark and hilarious, a night with the doctor is not one that you will soon forget." - Annenberg Media

"truly impressive, physical performances" - On Stage & Screen  "A final distillation of ‘Hamlet’ to a delicate touch of ‘Pagliacci’ is a marvel. Their coherent efforts drive a fanciful story which might fall flat in less skilled hands." - Backscatter

"All of it startling, sometimes chilling, very often funny, frequently disturbing and for nearly every single second compelling." - Night-Tinted Glasses

"a fascinating—and ultimately moving—consideration of what it is to be human" - The Muffia

"Lunatics & Actors performs alchemy on human emotion, resulting in humor with a lot to say. Dr. Duchenne’s faithful subjects are larger-than-life in their physical acting, innocent, primal, and always hilarious." - Drunk Monkeys

“Dark and disturbing… Remarkably creepy… One of the funniest shows I’ve seen.” Observations Along The Road

"While Lunatics thrills the audience, its underlying message goes much deeper." - University Times

"At once hilarious and discomfiting, everyone's performance was flawless." - Busy Blog

"Absolutely cleverly directed by Jeremy Aluma..."Geek Authority

"a brilliant fiction and is well acted and executed" - LA Performing Arts Examiner

"truly impressive, physical performances" - On Stage & Screen